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Identify potential demand to be included on the distribution list for a non-invasive ventilation system for COVID-19 patients, when available


Dear Colleagues,

We are developing a non-invasive ventilator solution and need to get data on who would be willing to work with this device, and how many they might want.  We are trying to scope the demand so we can build the supply chain for required parts.  The design is based on the work of Patel et al.'s 2016 JAMA article  showing the efficacy with ARDS patients.  It is built around a pressurized soft transparent helmet, providing virus-free conditions for workers, and being without a mask or intubation, as required for long-term patient support.  It can be implemented in hospitals either with ventilator/BiPAP, or directly from the hospital O2 supply.

I f you in a position to order medical equipment, or prescribe equipment use, please take this 5-minute survey, where you will identify demand, and may provide contact information as the production and training materials become available:


Survey Link >>>

We hope to ramp up production from the current 50-units per day to 1,000 units per day over the next month, and continue up from there according to demand.

Thank you for your responses, and please forward this to others who you think would like to be part of this program.  We will provide updates to those who provide their contact information in the survey.  All survey responses are held confidentially, and the email list will not be shared.


John Selker, project PI
Oregon State University

More Surveys

Do you have first-hand knowledge of using a helmet for noninvasive lung ventilation?


Please help by answering these 4 questions through:

  • the survey link below or

  • by recording a brief audio/video on your smartphone and email to us at Our team will transcribe.

Thank you for your precious time.

Share your key 4 learnings at the ICU frontline:
  1. Do you use a helmet connected to airflow only (150-200 L/min), no ventilator or other breathing machines? If yes, would you recommend it?

  2. What are the positive effects of noninvasive ventilation via helmet for COVID-19 patients in your hospital?

  3. Does helmet use help you to save/open ICU beds for sickest COVID-19 patients?

  4. Can you say that a helmet use helps to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus due to filters in the system? 

Survey Link >>>

This survey is being conducted by Aurika Savickaite, RN, MSN, who managed patients with noninvasive mechanical ventilation via helmet and worked closely with the research team at the University of Chicago Hospital.

The aim is to collect and consolidate in a single place the newest field-based information from the clinicians, who are or were managing respiratory distress in COVID-19 patients through the use of a helmet for noninvasive lung ventilation. 

Survey Link >>>


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