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Hands-On Review - Haven Hoods from Phoenix Medical Systems, India

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

11/19/2020 Chicago

This is a video review of the Haven Hood for Non-Invasive Ventilation made in India by Phoenix Medical Systems

Helmets are made of medical-grade vinyl, PU, and medical-grade silicone.

You can send your inquiry directly to the manufacturer here.

Pictures shared by Phoenix Medical Systems:

Recent feedback from the clinicians in India:

"The Phoenix Haven Hood is the best innovative and remarkable product for covid and non-covid patients who require high PEEP. (eg.ARDS). It helps to protect the patient and caregivers, as it has a facility to filtrate the patient's exhaling air. This haven hood benefiting the patient as more intuitive and less cumbersome."

Dr. Ram Kiran, Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital Research Centre, Visakhapatnam

"Haven Hood is a very good device for cooperative patients. It is most useful for moderate COVID symptoms patients. It helps to improve the saturation level for the patients. Also, it is greatly beneficial to caretaker as there is no aerosol dissemination."

Dr Vijay Sekhar, Sai Bhaskar Hospital, Guntur

"Haven Hood is a very good option for non-critical cases. It is maintaining SpO2 level very well. The patients feel more comfortable to use and they can consume food at any time."

Dr. Arif, Medway hospital, Chennai


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