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Helmet-Based Ventilation Webinar with Experts

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

05/24/2021 Chicago

Four Italian physicians who have been using helmets for non-invasive ventilation for years share their expertise in a 2.5-hour webinar, recorded May 20, 2021.

The experts present their data and share up-to-date, valuable information with viewers. A recording will be available for a limited time.

Presenters describe the proper clinical treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure with non-invasive interfaces for adult and pediatric patients in acute and sub-acute departments.

According to organizers, the main purpose of the webinar is to develop knowledge and skills related to the timing and ventilation modes of non-invasive interfaces.

Topics include:

· CPAP: the neverending story

· NIV in COVID and non-COVID patients

· Helmet NPPV: Tips & Tricks

· Role of helmets & masks in pediatric patients

· A discussion among participants

The webinar shares information about the indications and contraindications for the use of the helmet, the benefits of the new Total Face Mask with ZERO CO2 rebreathing, the best setup of free flow CPAP system, and bedside analysis and optimization of the patient-ventilator interaction during pressure support ventilation with helmet, both for adult and pediatric patients. Helmet use is thoroughly evaluated and compared to other common interfaces for non-invasive ventilation, including clinical effectiveness and patient comfort.

Faculty participants are:

· Giorgio Conti, A. Gemelli Policlinico, Rome

· Claudia Brusasco, Galliera Hospital, Genoa

· Roberta Costa, A. Gemelli Policlinico Foundation IRCCS Catholic University of Rome

· Giuseppe Foti, San Gerardo Hospital ASST, Monza

NOTE: To access the webinar recording you have to register here:


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