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Webinar - Saving Lives Through Non-Invasive Ventilation via a Helmet

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

June 15th, 2020

New webinar organized by Mr. Raza Jafar and "The Health Bank" with the latest updates, feedback, and guidelines for helmet based noninvasive ventilation.

Mr. Raza Jafar
Mr. Raza Jafar

When we are talking about the importance of ventilators for COVID 19 patients, we have to remember that underdeveloped countries don't have enough of them. The helmet based NIV system is an option for those countries that will improve the outcomes for patients and save more lives.

The Health Bank is a global health management company that specializes in providing individuals, families, and corporates personalized health and wellness services.

Speakers: Dr. Bhakti Patel, Dr. Naeem Lughmani, Michael Lombardi (Subsalve), Emma Macbeath, and Aurika Savickaite.

Webinar: Saving Lives Through Non-Invasive Ventilation




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