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What, Why and How we aim to achieve with your participation

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We are a grassroots initiative by expert volunteers to CURATE, CONSOLIDATE & SHARE:

  • WHAT: highly focused & niche expertise on Helmet-based non-invasive ventilation

  • FROM & WITH clinicians, ICU professionals, healthcare decision-makers, manufacturers, suppliers, hospitals, governmental agencies, funders, DYI initiatives

  • ABOUT: most relevant clinical, manufacturing, demand, supply, resources, bottlenecks, solutions, applications, funding needs & sources information

  • WHY: to help saving more lives and contain COVID-19 pandemic.

  • UPDATING 24/7 at www.helmetbasedventilation.com .

  • SUBSCRIBE and choose an area of your INTEREST for curated expertise


ALERT relevant experts and decision makers about this info source – SHARE a link to our web www.helmetbasedventilation.com

SUGGEST tips & solutions to uplift our own grassroots capacity, i.e. tools to augment and automate with a laser focus on this particular niche, donate to help us hire more technical help

SUBMIT INFO & contact/capacity/shortage/resource DATA (helmet ventilation related ONLY) on worldwide

  • Clinicians, ICU staff and hospital leaders

  • existing manufacturers, their capacities & needs for supplies or funding to expand output

  • potential pivoting manufacturers, their capacities & needs for expertise, supplies or funding to create new capacity

  • public, private and charity funding sources for hospitals and helmet suppliers

  • hospital demand

  • any other relevant ideas and suggestions

#StopTheSpread #SharingIsCaring #Ventilator #BiPAP #CPAP #Helmet #NIV #ICU #noninvasive #ventilation #BubbleHelmet #StarMed #SeaLong #CaStar In more simple words:

If there are only 1 ICU bed and 10 patients in critical condition, doctors perform brutal triage and chose 1 for hope, leaving 9 to somehow survive or die.

Helmet ventilators can save more lives.

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We share tips and ideas from those using helmets, but these may be off-label and untested ideas and should not be construed as medical advice, FDA approved modifications or proven safe or effective.  Please consider these with caution.

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