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Free helmets for physicians

Even though right now there is a huge shortage of helmets, from time to time we may have free helmets available for physicians. We will post information about it on this page.

For now, this page is not public, we will only send a link to our email list to people who signed up to "I'm a Doctor, Nurse or Medical Professional" list.

Information will be updated on this page only, if you have questions please refresh this page and see our FAQ. Due to the volume, we can only answer a few emails.

10 free Amron helmets from Dr. Debjeet Sarkar



Dr. Sarkar would prefer to send them to physicians who are considering ordering them for the hospital but they would like to try it first. We can send one or two units to them.


"Please emphasize we need people to use the devices--not sit around in storage and stockpile."

"I am an ER doctor in Maryland.  I have 8 extra Amron devices and can ship them (no cost--except for shipping if I have to send them far away from Maryland) to ER/ICU doctors willing to use them in the next 2 weeks.  "

How to get it.

Options listed by priority:


1. Email a prepaid shipping label and a short message to 

2. Email your address and a short message to, we can ship it for free UPS ground. (For UPS next day air in the US send $70 via Paypal).

Once we will be out of helmets will immediately update this page.

Dr. Sarkar is offering these helmets for free. His nonprofit donation links: & .


We are running this website using personal funds. You can donate to us here.

If we can get more or larger donations we can use the funds to buy helmets and send a few at the time to physicians who want to evaluate before ordering more. From what we know right now no manufacturer would send a sample and waiting times are a few weeks.

We can only ship in the US or you can arrange your own logistics if it's outside of the US.

In a similar way, last week, this week we've secured, found a sponsor, and are sending 250 helmets to Lithuanian hospitals.

We are not making money on this project in any form.



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