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Hands-On Review of 5 NIV "Bubble" Helmets made by Amron, SUBSALVE, Sea-Long, Extol & NASA

Updated: May 18, 2020

5/18/2020 Chicago

As of 5/19/2020, there are five NIV helmet manufacturers in the USA.

In this video, you will see all 5 noninvasive ventilation helmets "oxygen hoods" made by:

  • Amron International from California helmet (FDA approved).

  • SUBSALVE from Rhode Island (FDA approval is in the process).

  • Sea-Long from Texas (FDA approved).

  • Extol from Michigan (FDA approval is in the process).

  • NASA - Virgin Galactics from California (FDA approval is in the process).


A previous video review of 3 helmets by Sea-Long, Extol & SUBSALVE recorded on 4/24/2020. We didn't have the two helmets from Amron and NASA at that time.


Video reviews of these helmets individually

NASA, Virgin Galactic & The Spaceship Company - a video review about this helmet.


Order online

Find how to purchase the helmets here


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