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BUY a Helmet! Where to get a Helmet? (updated daily)

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USA Manufacturer Texas (Shipping now)

FDA Approved

Sea-Long Medical Systems Inc Waxahachie, TX 75167

USA Manufacturer California (Shipping now)

FDA Approved

Amron International, Inc Vista, California

Mike Malone, Vice President Sales, Phone: 760.208.6500

NIV/CPAP/BIPAP Hood's Description and Features

USA Manufacturer Rhode Island (Shipping now)

FDA EUA Approved

"Effective August 4, The device has been added to Appendix B of the FDA’s EUA for ventilator accessories, and is specifically indicated for the treatment of ARDS resulting from Covid-19. At the present time, the Subsalve Oxygen Treatment Hood is the only such device with this specific indication as authorized by the FDA" Michael Lombardi. Updated 08/05/2020

4/9/2020 Lombardi Undersea LLC in partnership with Subsalve USA, both of Rhode Island USA is producing and shipping oxygen treatment hoods. Orders can be placed online or by submitting a PO to Michael Lombardi at michael@lombardiundersea.com.

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USA Manufacturer New York (Shipping now)

FDA Approved

You can order this helmet directly from the manufacturer here.

Hands-On Review Video - VYATIL Oxygen Tent from The LMD Power of Light

USA Distributor for Italian StarMed CaStar R Hood, New York (Shipping now)

FDA EUA Approved

You can send your inquiry directly to the manufacturer here

Hands-On Review Video - NIV StarMed CaStar R Hood from Intersurgical Ltd

Coming soon to US - Italian DIMAR CPAP and NIMV Helmets

Filed for FDA EUA Approval

USA Manufacturer Michigan (Working prototypes are being tested in hospitals 4/14)

Filed for FDA EUA Approval

A manufacturer located in Zeeland, MI. They have been working with multiple hospitals testing helmets. You can order a helmet here. Contact: Nick Flesher phone: 616-283-3342


Alberta COVID CPAP Hood - Scott Loree "I have been working for 4 weeks with Tom Vermeeren, from Gemma Plastics in Edmonton, Alberta, to develop a locally manufactured version of this helmet system. We have received Health Canada approval 4/24/2020, and are ready to move into manufacturing. "


DIMAR s.r.l. Medolla, Italy

Harol , Italy


Intersurgical Ltd. Berkshire, UK

New Zealand

SouthMed Dunedin, New Zealand. Can be contacted via LinkedIn


Italian manufacturer's representative: UAB Intersurgical Arnionių g. 60, LT-18170 Pabradė, Lietuva


DYI initiative by Marek Macner - Helmochron is in Polish language new word - helm = helmet and ochrona = protection.


We don't have information about manufacturers in India at this time 4/16/2020.

Important resources in India Bubble Helmet - International Institute of Information Technology

DYI & Additional Resources

List of companies offering to help make more helmets.

(Updated daily) Our goal is to help make more helmets faster and educate medical professionals! We are adding information about companies offering to help to this public spreadsheet so everybody can connect directly (started on 4/1). Link: https://hi.switchy.io/HELP-Make-Helmets

Facebook Group "NIV Helmet Manufacturing Project to Combat COVID-19"

The objective of this group is to design and create a working NIV Helmet and to release all associated 3D printing files, bill of materials, and building instructions online so that anyone around the world may build one in an emergency situation in order to Combat COVID-19.

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