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Hands-On Review of an NIV Helmet "Oxygen Hood" from the SUBSALVE USA

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

4/16/2020 Chicago

Here is a video review of the Oxygen Hood "Buble Helmet" made by Mr. Michael Lombardi in partnership with the Subsalve USA. From what we've seen so far it seems to be a very high-quality helmet.


A video by the manufacturer

"Lombardi and Subsalve USA team up to take on the Covid-19 fight with the development and production of an oxygen treatment hood for noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV). This technology is very, very new in the US though has been used successfully in Italy for decades. Hooded NIPPV has proven to reduce required intubations by 20-40% according to studies at the University of Chicago."



Training video, guidelines & FAQ for the SUBSALVE oxygen treatment hood.

An interview with the designer of this helmet Michael Lombardi "A gift from the sea" US diving experts designed an NIV Helmet "Oxygen Hood" for COVID patients You can order this helmet directly from the manufacturer here.

"Subsalve" Oxygen Treatment Hood Gains FDA Emergency Use Authorization

More about SUBSALVE


Video review of all 5 NIV helmets that are made in the USA (as of 5/19/2020)

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Zaid Altawil
Zaid Altawil
18. Apr. 2020

At higher pressures, would it be possible for contaminated air to leak out of the silicone ring. Has that been noticed? Is it a risk? Has anyone found a solution? We are currently testing these helmets for clinical use at an institution in Boston and were wondering about this.

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