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NIV Helmet training video guidelines & FAQ by Dr. Bhakti Patel & Helmets for Humanity Project

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

5/2/2020 Chicago

New training video with the newest updates, feedback, and guidelines for helmet based noninvasive ventilation from Dr. Bhakti Patel, Dr. JP Kress, University of Chicago Medicine, and the Helmets for Humanity Project.

NIV Helmet Training Agenda - April 30,2020


Table of Content

1. Welcome - Deeana ljaz Ahmed, MS MPH (5 min)

  • Introductions

  • Logistics and points of contact

  • Tech support plan

2. NIV Helmet training - Bhakti Patel, MD (20 min)

  • Why Helmet Ventilation and basic setup

  • UChicago Medicine patient experiences

  • Overview of types of oxygen delivery

3. Q&A - Bhakti Patel, MD and John Kress, MD (20 min)

  • Experiences with implementation

  • Patient successes and failures

  • Device awareness

4. “Helmets for Humanity” - Kaleem Malik, MD (5 min)

  • About Humanity First pilot

  • Initial shipments

  • Scaling plan

5. Training Survey - Dr. Martinez (10 min)

  • Survey purpose

  • Link and feedback timing

  • Future survey plan


In this video, an NIV Oxygen Treatment Hood made in the USA by SUBSALVE was used

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