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250 Helmets for Lithuania

  • Update: the helmets were delivered in Vilnius on Thursday 5/14/2020 

  • The helmets were paid for by Laisves TV , a huge thank you!

  • More about this project from Lietuvos Rytas 

  • Please email us your feedback and stories!

How this project started

4/21/2020 Chicago

This is a draft, will be updated soon. 4 PM CST 4/22/2020

We want to send 250 helmets to Lithuania. The initial plan is to give 50 helmets to each of 5 COVID dedicated hospitals, it will be adjusted depending on the needs.

Cost is $125 x 250 = $31,250 + shipping from RI ($4,500 Fedex, will probably get a better shipping quote soon).


Link Helmet  

We want to place the order on Wednesday 4/22 because they may not have enough helmets soon. This manufacturer is expected to get FDA approval any minute. When they do US hospitals will buy all inventory. This order is reserved should be able to ship out within 3-5 days.

We do not make any profit on this or any other activity related to this project! If we end up getting more donations we will use to send more helmets or will forward to another very related charitable cause.

Now we need to get the funds.

You can send funds via: 

  • Paypal: 

  • For large amounts, we can give you US bank ACH details.

  • Lituanica International Rotary Club info 

  • Checks - since this is urgent and we are extremely busy we would prefer not to deal with it

  • Go fund me and other formats are coming soon

  • If you know funding sources in Lithuania, please connect with Viktorija Trimbel.

Funding received so far:

  • $3,000 Rotary Lithuanian on 4/22/2020

Next steps 


Until we create a separate mailing list, signup here to "All updates" and add "Helmets for Lithuania" in the "More details" field. 

We need a short video from a doctor from Lithuania, who has used or is using helmets ASAP!


How to contact you?

Email is the best, see contact us page.

Do they also need masks, ventilators and other supplies?

Yes, they do, but we want to stick to only helping with NIV helmets, this is what we know best.

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