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Helmet Improvement Ideas - Liquids Intake into Sea-Long Pressurized Helmet

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

An update on 3/23/2020 from Professor John Selker at Oregon State University

Disclaimer: we share tips and ideas from those using helmets, but these may be off-label and un-tested ideas and should not be construed as medical advice, FDA approved modifications, or proven safe or effective. Please consider these with caution.

Open tubes in the helmet can make a mess, which causes major cleaning problems. This is a two-part series on using a Camelbak hydration backpack tubes to solve the water-feeding issue inside a Sea-Long pressurized helmet. It is important to position the outlet at the patient's mouth. The swim-noodle collar assists in maintaining a consistent position of the head in the helmet.

Camelback Hydration Backpack Tubes

Below are two videos of using Camelbak hydration backpack tubes for feeding-liquids intake into the Sea-Long helmet.


How You Can Help?

Share your knowledge We want feedback from the frontline clinicians, who treated COVID-19, to consolidate and share tips and issues, as well as to consolidate info about NIV helmet makers, identify capacities, logistics, bottlenecks, funding needs etc.


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