• Aurika Savickaite

How You Can Help: info & data

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

NIV helmets solve lung ventilation shortage in ICU's here is how you can help.

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Share your knowledge

We want feedback from the frontline clinicians, who treated COVID-19, to consolidate and share tips and issues, as well as to consolidate info about NIV helmet makers, identify capacities, logistics, bottlenecks, funding needs etc.

Connect us to practitioners and hospital decision-makers

Please connect us to practitioners and hospital decision-makers

- Share contact via form https://mttd.wufoo.com/forms/p1kozcc11oyqqby/

- and/or ask them to fill in brief questionnaire https://www.helmetbasedventilation.com/fill-in-survey.

Connect us with manufacturers worldwide

Please connect us with manufacturers worldwide - share a contact via form https://mttd.wufoo.com/forms/p1a8jhb015g2ty6/

Please provide manufacturer’s info about products and capacities via form


Join hackathon

Join hackathon to help automate and augment this effort.