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Protocols and Guidelines about Helmet Ventilation (NIV)

Updated: May 27

We now have two formats available to quickly educate yourself on Helmet Ventilation (NIV).

You can use (1) The Interactive Smart Procedures and/or (2) Training Videos from UChicago Medicine and Penn Medicine.

1. Mobile Smart Procedures for Helmet Ventilation (NIV)

This is a free tool courtesy of AmbiFi, translation into more languages is in the process.

There are a number of advantages to the Smart Procedure:

  • Narrated Step-by-Step Instructions and Critical Checklists:

  • Patient Triage, Helmet Setup, Help Placement, Monitoring, Weaning 

  • Navigation based on your situation and equipment

  • Do's & Don'ts and Resources 

  • Replay any section

  • Mobile apps iOS and Android

Mobile App for phones and tablets:

Download 'AmbiFi' from Apple App Store or Google Play Store Login with credentials: Username: covid19 / Password: Covid19!

Mobile Smart Procedure Based on The University of Chicago Medicine Guidelines, Dr. Bhakti Patel 4/11/2020

Smart Procedure Access using a Web Browser.


Mobile App for phones and tablets.

All content in the “Helmet Ventilation NIV UChicago Medicine” Smart Procedure is directly from the Protocols and Guidelines from the University of Chicago Medicine. We completed the Helmet Ventilation (NIV) Smart Procedure with a final review by Dr. John P. Kress on 4/10/2020.

Mobile Smart Procedure Based on The University of Pennsylvania Medicine Guidelines, Dr. Maurizio F. Cereda

Smart Procedure Access using a Web Browser

Link: English

Mobile App for phones and tablets.

All content in “Non-Invasive CPAP by Helmet - Penn Medicine” Smart Procedure was developed and reviewed by Maurizio F. Cereda, MD, a University of Pennsylvania Intensive -Care doctor who trained in Italy where helmet use is common. Updated 05/22/2020

2. Training Videos

Training videos from UChicago Medicine

The newest training video with the newest updates, feedback, and guidelines for helmet based noninvasive ventilation from Dr. Bhakti Patel, University of Chicago Medicine, and the Helmets for Humanity Project supported by Apple. Updated on 5/2/2020

Link: https://www.helmetbasedventilation.com/post/niv-helmet-oxygen-hood-training-video-guidelines-faq-bhakti-patel-helmets-for-humanity-project-apple

The most reliable and comprehensive training material about the use of an NIV Helmet "Oxygen Hood" connected to wall gases or to BiPAP V60 and detailed assembly instructions for a helmet from Dr. Bhakti Patel, The University of Chicago Medical Center (UChicago Medicine). Updated 04/28/2020


  • Review our experience with helmet ventilation

  • Detailed assembly instructions for the helmet

  • Demonstrate the use of a helmet with Oxygen and Medical Air.

  • Demonstrate the use of a helmet with a BiPAP V60

  • Applications for helmet NIV in the COVID pandemic

  • Helmet FAQs

Link: https://uchicago.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=a8a10af6-4d6f-4da2-b1e2-ab8b0040b9ad

Training video from Penn Medicine

NOTE: This video is outdated and New Guidelines from Penn Medicine are available on the AmbiFi Smart Procedure app (See above).

Non-Invasive CPAP by Helmet system developed by Maurizio F. Cereda, MD, a University of Pennsylvania Medicine. Date 4/12/2020


  • Assembling the Helmet Circuit

  • Setting up Gas Delivery for ICUs (Venturi)

  • Initiating Therapy for ICUs (Venturi)

  • Initiating Therapy for the Floor (Venturi Valve)

  • Fixing the Helmet with Arm Straps

  • Titration Guidelines

Link: https://www.helmetbasedventilation.com/post/video-non-invasive-cpap-by-helmet-setup-covid-19-maurizio-franco-cereda-md

PDF Guidelines

UChicago Medicine

Penn Medicine:

Helmet Protocol updated.docx.5.7 MCMFpd

Page Updated 05/23/2020


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