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Video - Non-Invasive CPAP by Helmet Setup COVID-19 | Maurizio Franco Cereda, MD

Updated: Jul 22, 2020


NOTE: This video is outdated and New Guidelines from Penn Medicine are available on the AmbiFi Smart Procedure app (05/25/2020)

Patient Can Be Mobile With MaxVenturi Setup

Maurizio France Cereda, MD, a University of Pennsylvania intensive-care doctor who trained in Italy where helmet use is common, shared this video for medical professionals today.


  • Assembling the Helmet Circuit

  • Setting up Gas Delivery for ICUs (Venturi)

  • Initiating Therapy for ICUs (Venturi)

  • Initiating Therapy for the Floor (Venturi Valve)

  • Fixing the Helmet with Arm Straps

  • Titration Guidelines

Non-Invasive CPAP by Helmet Setup for COVID-19


Please always maintain total gas flow above 50 L/min at all times to avoid CO2 rebreathing. These helmets are designed for hyperbaric O2 delivery. They do not include a relief valve; undetected loss of gas supply can result in asphyxiation. Patients who are not alert and collaborative need to be closely monitored. Consider intubation if the patient is agitated.


PDF guide

PDF Guide: Non Invasive CPAP by Helmet Setup for COVID-19

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