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  • Here you can find NIV helmet manufacturers in the US and a growing list of companies that are working around the clock to design and start production of helmets. They need your help, please send us the information about the availability of funds

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'Fast grants' of up to $500,000 for COVID-19 research, with every grant decision made in less than 48 hours

Starting April 12, every grant application will be approved or denied in less than 48 hours, after which researchers will receive payment "as quickly as your university can receive it."

The fund, Fast Grants, has raised $10 million from 10 backers including Paul Graham, Stripe cofounders John and Patrick Collison, and LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman. Backers say they were inspired by the World War II-era National Defense Research Committee, which sidestepped traditional grant approval processes to fund scientific research quickly.  

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